Monday, June 15, 2015

TV Review: Farscape - season 1

Want some more Star Wars in your Star Trek?  Then Farscape is the show for you.  I'm assuming you not have already watched it, given it began its four-year run in 1999.  

Farscape is an Australian/American production from the Jim Henson company.  It may be worth noting that Brian Henson, son of legendary puppeteer Jim Henson, is the co-producer of the show.  Farscape features a wide array of creative alien muppets, two of which are show regulars.  It took me a little while to get used to the puppetry, but now I can't imagine the show without them.   Additionally, Farscape features a great cast of unknown actors and some imaginative writing.

I'd classify the title as science-fantasy, rather than science fiction, but in the first season, the writers do play around with some great sci-fi concepts like time loops and multiple dimensions not to mention Moya, the living starship which is the primary setting for the action.  The episodes that drew me in were more abstract and science fiction based, but as the show progressed, I grew to love the characters and be invested in them, Moya included.  I suppose it's worth comparing the show to other shows like Firefly or Cowboy Bebop, in that Farscape is heavily character-driven, and the characters are all good-hearted outlaws.  

I'd say my favorite characters at this time are Aeryn-Sun, the Peacekeeper and D'Argo, the Luxan.  When I first saw D'Argo, I have to admit that I thought he was just some kind of knock-off Klingon.  But even if that is what he were, he is still an excellent character, and well performed.  D'Argo is a Warrior, but he is also a deeply caring person.  Aeryn is a military grunt who shows signs of character growth that are intriguing.  Because she lived a highly regimented life, being an outlaw makes for a tough transition.    

From what I've heard, this show gets even better as it progresses, though I have really enjoyed it in the first season.  It's a science fiction show with a lot of heart, that's not afraid to get weird.  I recommend it to any fans of science fiction television looking for a new/old show to watch.


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