Monday, June 11, 2012

The Birth of the Name

The idea to do this blog is Dr. Potts' brain child.  He came to me with this idea sometime while I was doing the 60 Days of Gaming picture survey thing on Facebook.  I thought it was a great idea, which is why I'm still posting here.

The blog initially started out as "The Amorphous Blog," which is a play on the name of the radio show that Dr. Potts and I had on KDVS back in 2005.  That radio show was called "Cheeto! - The Amorphous Blob" since we didn't have a single genre of music that we settled on.  Later it was shortened to just "The Amorphous Blob."  At this time, the Blogspot URL was different than the title of the blog.  Now I knew that was more of a place holder until something more permanent came about.  Additionally, while I liked the title for the blog, I thought it was a little too obscure/random of sorts for the title of a video gaming blog.  One remnant from this time is the "Amorphous Archive" just over to your right, which I left because it has a nice ring to it and I see no real reason to change it.

Thus began the month long journey to come up with a name for the blog.  Little did we know that we were entering a world of annoyed frustration and face palming.  

1.  Amorphous Blog:  I tried variations on this along with the blogspot URL, and everything was taken and seemingly hadn't been updated in quite some time; as in years.

2.  The Konami Code Era:  On the morning of May 3rd (I still have the emails) I thought that "Select Start" would be a great name since it's what you do with the Konami Code when you want to select to play with two players then start to play.  I thought it would be a brilliant name.  Sadly, all variations of "Select Start" were taken and last updated sometime between 2002 and 2006.  I also thought about the long-ass "" as a URL, even though it's ass long.  Weeks later I would find out that that is not a valid Blogspot URL.

Then we tried other variations on "The Konami Code" for the URL.  Again, everything seemed to have been taken sometime back in 2002 or 2003.  And haven't been updated since then.  I then tried variations of "The Code" as well, and again, all the real estate had been taken.

3.  Metroid Obscuria:  Dr. Potts then had the idea of using something obscure from the Metroid series.  That also, surprisingly or not, proved fruitless.  Yes, Norfair.blogspot, Brinstar.blogspot and even SR388.blogspot were already taken.  I don't think I tried, so anyone's welcome to try and take it if it isn't already.

4.  A Boy and His Blob:  In one of my first posts I typed out back on May 7th, I mentioned "A Boy and His Blob" and accidentally typed out "blog" instead.  I quickly thought, "Awesome title for a blog!!"  Yup, you guessed it, already taken (which contains only three posts from 2002).  Later that afternoon, Dr. Potts suggested what is now the title of our blog, to which I simply responded "I like it!"

And thus you have the probably somewhat longer than it needed to be story of how our little blog received his/her name.  The whole process reminds me of the whole "We've got a band, now what do we call ourselves?"

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