Friday, June 12, 2015

Misc Link Post

Calvin and Hobbes
Every so often, I will stumble onto a tribute to Calvin and Hobbes and they are almost always a great read.  This latest one from the AV club is such a one.  While I will always have a certain association with Garfield the Cat, Calvin and Hobbes is, in my opinion,  far and away the best daily comic strip every published.  After reading this article, I thought:  wouldn't it be cool if Bill Watterson quietly released a book of Susie Derkins comics?

Ricky does great fan art but lots of original material as well

Mr. Revenge
While I’m on the subject of comic strips, I’d like to mention that an old friend of mine has started selling his art.  I first met Ricky working at a Movie Theater when I was 19, and he was a fantastic artist even then.  He has since developed his abilities further, and is really one excellent illustrator.  Check out his stuff on deviant art as Mr. Revenge, or look him up on facebook under Ricky Romero.

I found a note I made to myself at one of my recent jobs as an Executive Assistant.  It says: "It's not like Tetris per se, It's like two games of tetris at once, and they speed up and slow down erratically."  This was my attempt to describe my job working for two different executives and managing their calendars and travel plans.  I actually think it might be really fun to play two different tetris games at once.  To that end, I decided to look for one, and I found an exhaustive list of Tetris Variants, including one interesting website:  chesstris.


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