Friday, June 19, 2015

A couple mini reviews for some mini games

Don't Look Back is a cool little poem of a game, by Terry Cavanagh.  I am an unabashed Terry Cavanagh fanboy, and have been so since I first played VVVVVV.  This latest game (latest for me-- Cavanagh produced it in 2009) is a great entry into his body of work.  With just 4 colors, a great soundtrack and basic gameplay, Don't Look Back is a compact little sonnet.  It could have been more, but it didn't have to be.  About twenty minutes in total, I recommend it. 
note:  I originally played the game on my phone, but eventually switched to playing on my computer over at Kongregate.  I just couldn't handle the touch-screen controls.  I need to play my platformers on a proper d-pad.  

Pretentious Game is right up my alley.  You can tell by the title.  The game is reminiscent of Thomas was alone and Starseed Pilgrim.  A game which uses gameplay as a metaphor, and obscure phrases as instructions.  And it features squares as characters. 

I only played the first batch of levels, as I downloaded the free version for Android.  I will probably buy the full version as they don't ask much for it.  Also available to play online at armor games.
P.S.  further miniature games worth noting are:  Today I die, Grow Cube, The Crimson Room and many more.  

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