Monday, June 22, 2015

Nerdy Nit Picks: Wolverine's Height

This was the funnies image of wolverine I could find

First off, I will say – I MUST say, that Hugh Jackman did a great job as Wolverine.  In fact, I’d say the whole cast and crew did a fantastic job with the first X-Men movie.  I did not think it was possible to make a good X-Men movie at the time, and the results far exceeded my expectations.  A lot of that had to do with the depiction of Wolverine, easily the most popular X-Men character, and one of the most popular characters in Comics.  Wolverine was placed at the center of the action, and he was great, just great.  Cigar Smoking, mutton chopped, grumbly a-hole with a ridiculous haircut.   Sweet metal claws and quick to heal.   Yep, that's Wolverine, and he is awesome.  

But they did get one thing wrong.  Hugh Jackman is over 6 feet tall.  Wolverine is like 5’2”.  He’s a short man, not a tall one.  I know this is nitpicking, but I think it really would make a difference.  In general,  It’s not an often-featured element of Wolvie’s character, but I always thought it was an important one.  His rivalry with Cyclops, for example.  Cyclops is the straight-backed, strapping boy-scout.  Wolverine is the hairy, snarling animal; testosterone incarnate.  Really, his height is about his only disadvantage.

Hollywood likes tall male leads, and there are only a handful of successful leading men under 5'8".   Still, I will admit Jackman was probably a better choice that Seth Greene.  So yeah.  Not a huge deal, they did a great job with those first two movies, when the series was still fresh.  But they did miss that one (little) thing.


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