Wednesday, June 17, 2015

MIDI Week Singles: "Forest Theme" - Super Amazing Wagon Adventure (PC)

"Forest Theme" from Super Amazing Wagon Adventure on the PC (2013)
Composer: sparsevector
Soundtrack Released: Self Released
Developer: sparsevector
Publisher: Self Published

Before I wrote up today's article, I don't think I realized that sparsevector Amenábarred (or Rodríguezed too) this video game.  Think what The Men Who Wear Hats did with their Oregon Trail parody, Organ Trail, but instead of the zombie apocalypse, it's about heading out west, to Oregon (I presume since I haven't beaten the game) to strike it rich panning/mining/dynamiting for gold.  So more like Oregon Trail, but with automatic weapons. . .and rabid squirrels. . .and a retaliatory herd of deer. . .and a meteor shower. . .in space.

"Forest Theme" is the beginning song that you will hear every time you start up the game as it's the starting area.  It's that first song that sucks you into the retro-esque-ness of the world.  If you're going to be picky, as I occasionally am, the music here is beyond what you would actually find in the original Oregon Trail game and even possibly the 8-bit NES music processing chip, but the flavor is still there.  Basically it's a catchy little ditty that does its job very well.

And if you liked this one song, then you can hop on over to Mr. vector's bandcamp site and download the album for free (there's even a great rap remix version of the "Desert Theme").


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  1. I like what you say about the song being beyond 8-bit console processing, but the flavor is there. That is very much how I feel about retro games. If the flavor is there, then I'm happy.