Monday, June 8, 2015

Monthly Update - Winnie June 2015

Monthly Update

Hoo boy, I am slacking in the blogging department.  In my defense, things really have been busy lately.  I’ve got plans every weekend in June, through the first weekend of July.  This last weekend, I was busy all day Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday.  My time management just hasn’t caught up to my newfound busy status.  

The most important thing to happen in my life was that I became an Uncle!  My older sister Emz had a baby, a tiny and beautiful girl named Winnie June.  Unfortunately, she lives thousands of miles away, so I am unable to visit her at this time, but it's the thing I want to do most.  It will happen eventually.  For now, I’m just glad my niece is here, and I am happy to let the new parents have some time with her on their own.

On the gaming front, Jane and I have continued to progress through the Blackwell series.  So far, we both really like it.  We’re about halfway through the third game in the series, Blackwell Convergence.  With every episode, the production value improves, and by now we’ve got better acting, writing and graphics.  Not to mention that the plot is contiguous and it is growing more intriguing with every release.  So far this one is the best yet, and I hear really good things about the next game in the series.

On the Television front, I started watching Farscape.  Only fifteen years late.  The show was put on by Jim Henson productions and it shows in the many imaginative alien designs and puppetry.  So far I'm enjoying the show, and I hear it gets better as it goes on.  

I think I’m going to keep this one short, but I’ll have more in the near future.


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