Friday, February 27, 2015

RIP Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy passed away this morning at his home due to COPD complications.

I am not going to write an obituary or talk about all the TV shows he was apart of or all the movies he starred in.

I do count myself fortunate that I was able to see him on a number of occasions when he attended Star Trek conventions (sometime in the mid '90s).  On one occasion, he was with William Shatner and DeForest Kelley.  The next time he was with John de Lancie and was after DeForest Kelley's passing and he read the eulogy that he had read at the funeral.  It was moving, despite not being a big fan of the Original Series at that time (meaning I was not overly familiar with DeForest Kelley's acting work).  I now greatly regret not staying with Delaños at that convention to watch both actors do a two person on-stage play of something that I have since forgotten.  I apparently had misplaced hormonal priorities in high school.

Prior to Youtube (the video was embedded in some website about sending food to Israeli troops) I discovered his "Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" and while at first I cringed at seeing Spock singing this absurd diddy while women in bad Hobbit/Vulcan ears danced and sang around him, it has since become something that I can rarely get out of my head whenever I think of it.  It is not a bad thing to find yourself humming.

Later I was ecstatic when he had his appearance in the Star Trek reboot (mainly because it wasn't Willaim Shatner trying to be in another Star Trek franchise, but that's just me being me) as well as the show Fringe, for which he came back for a couple of times.

Like probably a lot of people, Spock was/is my favorite character from the Original Series even if the specifics of being and portraying a Vulcan weren't 100% set in stone during the first year.  He is a great counterpart to Kirk's John Wayne attitude towards space exploration and alien cultures.  

The last thing he tweeted (I am only slightly ashamed that I typed that opening to a sentence associated with the death of a person) is perfect and simply beautiful:

If only we could all be as eloquent before our own passing.
Now go and hug someone you love.  And tell them you love them.


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