Tuesday, February 3, 2015

RIP Monty Oum

Late last week, I read a post from Roosterteeth CEO Burnie Burns stating that fellow co worker Monty Oum had been hospitalized under severe conditions and was unsure if he would recover.  Yesterday, it was announced that Monty Oum had passed away.

We are not a news site here, reporting on the latest information from the gaming world.  We are here, as I think I understand it, to provide personal commentary in anyway we see fit.

I knew of Monty Oum during Red vs. Blue season 8, when more than impressive CGI was introduced to the series that Roosterteeth produces.  I later found out that Monty Oum had caught Roosterteeth's collective eye with an animated CGI fight scene he did with Master Chief and Samus Aran titled "Haloid."  With the creative vision of Roosterteeth, I saw their production go from this:
to this:

I never did get into Monty's self-created series RWBY (pronounced like "RUBY"), but the visuals were still amazing for an independent production.  He has left his mark, for me personally on the world of Red vs. Blue.

That's really all I know about Monty Oum, including some bits when he appeared on commentaries or podcasts, but that's all that I can say.  It is sad to see anyone pass away and it is sad to hear about someone who has worked on a series (since 2010) that Dr. Potts introduced me to back in 2004.  And I am sad that Monty Oum has passed away.

That is all.


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