Wednesday, February 25, 2015

MIDI Week Singles: 'Battle Against Masked Man' - Mother 3 (GBA)

"Battle Against Masked Man" from Mother 3 for the Game Boy Advance
Composer:  Shogo Sakai
Game Developers: Nintendo, Hal Laboratory, Brownie Brown (music)
Publisher: Nintendo

I stumbled on this track when I was listening to video game songs on youtube.  I left it running so it could 'free associate,' and wasn't really paying attention to what was playing.  But when this song came on, it grabbed a hold of my attention! Now I really want to play Mother 3 (which could also be called Earthbound 2).

This is a seriously disturbing track. The core of it is just a really weird bassline, but on top of the bass someone is having a coniption at the keyboard and effects unit. And during the breaks in the weird sounds, I hear the bassline, and I want to latch onto it for comfort, but there is no comfort to be found there. I'm a sucker for disturbing music in proper doses, and this really takes the cake. I'm going to go take a shower now.

If this song interests you, or check out for the complete soundtrack, over 3 hours long! There are also fan remixes, which is cool, too! Also available on itunes.


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  1. Jesus that's a disturbing track. I'd be interested to read/hear what Shogo Sakai's thoughts about this song are (composing, inspired by). And if this isn't main boss music, then it has to be main boss' lieutenant's theme.

    Nice find!