Friday, February 13, 2015

Explaining My Decision In More Words Than Is Really Necessary For A Post Like This One Here.

I recently (as in a month ago but it was "recently" when I began typing this all out) purchased Theatrhythyhm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call.  I can never spell that god damned word!  T-h-e-a-t-r-and then I'm lost.  Theatrhythm.  Let alone that I have a hard enough time spelling rhythm, rhyme and garuntee. . . I mean guarantee, which I didn't need spell check for that last time.


Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy: Curtain Call for the 3DS.  If you don't know the game yet, it's a rhythm game using the music from the Final Fantasy series.  I recently (see above reference to "recently") purchased this and I would like to give my long and drawn out thought process for my decision because this is the Internet and things like this were the reason for its creation.

So I had $35 of Gamestop gift cards in my possession and following Steam's Wallet Drain Sale (aka: Winter Sale) and I knew that I wanted to use this for buying a 3DS game.  I knew my choices ahead of time, and even then, the choice was not made without great thought and care (stop laughing Ma).

I played the demo for this game earlier in 2014 and I immediately loved it.  The visual style reminded me a lot of Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light and the music, while not of Nobuo Uematsu's creation, was very fitting for the game and setting.  I very much enjoyed what was shown to me, being an introduction to how navigate towns, how battling and the "Brave" vs. "Default" battle commands worked.  It was everything that you wished all demos could and would do.  There was even the option of transfer over experience earned from the demo to the main game if you played one and purchased the other.  Very enticing.

This was a great looking game and I really liked the concept introduced by the trailer.  Even the title, for me, was a call back to A Link to the Past and after starting and not getting beyond the first temple in Spirit Tracks or finding the chutzpah to finish Twilight Princess, I was hoping that this would be the Zelda game that got me back into the series.

I loved the fecal matter out of this game, even more so than Ocarina of Time, and when I saw that this game was finally getting a remake on the 3DS, I was very excited along with the rest of a good portion of the Internet.  Currently, Majora's Mask has a release date of February 13th of this year, but at the time of purchasing, there was no official release date.  Plus, I have already played this game before and I still have a functioning copy for the N64.

No, not another Final Fantasy game (thank Odin SquarEnix hasn't been a douche-canoe and copyrighted either the words "Final" or Fantasy").  From what I understand, Fantasy Life is an open world RPG, which doesn't sound all that original except that it's on the 3DS and has gotten some pretty decent reviews.  It looks and sounds like a fun little game when I'm not busy escaping some prison in Tamriel or traversing some apocalyptic wasteland (take your pick on that front).

Now, I've never played a game in the Animal Crossing series and (most) everything that I've heard about New Leaf has been positive and that it's a shamefully addicting game.  I figured that this might be a good game to get started in that world.

Similar to New Leaf, Tomodachi Life is a life-sim-type game where you use your Mii avatar along with other characters you create and have them interact on an island full of shops and activities.  Knowing me, this doesn't sound like something that I would normally go out and buy, but what sold me was the concert arena where you can have your characters perform.  This was one of the last options in the demo and I had to wonder if the game somehow tailored it to my own interests.  The band (and it being the only option in the demo) was a power metal band that sang about wizards and dragons.  How'd they know!?

So ultimately, as you by now already know, I went with Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy: Curtain Call.  As I told Conklederp the other night, I made my decision because I really just wanted a game that would  not require a massive amount of my time as I already have a backlog of RPGs that I am eagerly looking forward to playing.  A game that I could pick up and play anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour without fear of losing my place within a larger story.  Plus with 220+ wonderfully composed songs from a series that I have been playing off-and-on for 26 years.  There will probably be another post about Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call on Monday, so come back Monday. . . or don't, that's cool too.

It's Been Three Whole Weeks

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