Thursday, February 19, 2015

MIDI Week Singles: "Dementium: The Ward" - Dementium: The Ward (DS)

"Dementium: The Ward" from Dementium: The Ward on the Nintendo DS (2007)
Composer: Jools Watsham
No Official Soundtrack Release
Game Developer: Renegade Kid

I think that's the name of the track.  I saw it a few years back but I have since forgotten  so you'll just have to trust me for the time being on this one.

Being the only track in the entire game (although there may be credits music that I might know about if I had managed to finish the game) which plays during the title sequence, it is a very effective piece of music.  And you know, for only ten seconds worth of music , this is damn good music.  

Think about it.  You have ten seconds to convey the mood of an entire video game.  That's the same length as the "Overture" that Koichi Sugiyama wrote for Dragon Warrior / Quest  and three seconds shorter than Hirokazu Tanaka's "Title Theme" to the original Donkey Kong.  But, unlike Sugiyama's "Overture" and Tanaka's "Title Theme," which were never meant to repeat indefinitely, Jools Watsham's title music to Dementium: The Ward loops perfectly and I have no qualms about listening to it for 3 minutes straight.

Mr. Watsham previously had this song available through the old Dementium: The Ward site, but it is sadly no longer available so to Youtube it was where I had to locate this eight year old gem.


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  1. Possibly put up after Mr. Watsham announced that "Dementium: The Ward - Remastered" was going to be released through Nintendo's eShop, it looks like this title track is back up on bandcamp: