Monday, March 2, 2015

Monthly Update: March 2015

"Lousy Smarch weather!"  I can't help but think of "Smarch" whenever I see the month of March. although I guess that could be somewhat appropriate with the East Coast buried under a few meters of snow and us the Pacific Northwest being burned alive with average temperatures of 55° F, which is warm for February for us.  But onto why we're really here!

In February, we saw the Humble Bundle people put up a massive Star Wars game bundle with 11 games, none of which have I ever played before.  Later in the month I'll actually go into what makes a Star Wars game fun for me to play versus some other science fiction so be prepared for that one later in the month as well as for people to rip me a new one for not being über Star Wars canon knowledgeable.

I've also gotten back into Dungeons & Dragons (As I mentioned last month) and I am presently really enjoying the game.  For our group, I'm DMing and we've managed to get in two sessions, about every other week, but as with every D&D group ever, scheduling is always an issue.  I know that I said I would do a write up last month, but I may actually get around to it this month after I complete my final schooling electronic paperwork assignments for the month.  And I still need to get back on that painting wagon again, but I'm hoping for some nice detail brushes to come into my possession soon.  

On a similar note, I uncovered a D&D story that I wrote back in 2002-03 and I am going back, rereading and converting everything to a 5th Edition model.  The nice part about this is that I am figuring out some story elements that I sort of flubbed on or just ignored to make the story work and it's a lot of fun to go back into this world/story that I concocted.  I'll tell you what, it's somewhat nice to know that my storytelling capabilities didn't completely suck 12 years ago.

I've also decided to put Dragon Quest VI on the back burner for a bit as I just seemed lost with the story.  I don't know if it was because of intermittent play or because I am genuinely not as interested in the story as I want to be, which might be a fault in itself; forcing myself to play something because I feel that I'm supposed to like it is probably not the best way to play a game.  So now I'm going back to Radiant Historia, which I started very briefly I don't know how long ago because I love the concept of the game and the short amount of time that I did put into the game, I recall loving what I was experiencing.

Ah, and I also started up Borderlands after finishing RAGE, which both need articles of their own, which may or may not happen (see paragraph #3).  I am afraid though that it will turn into another Skyrim, which I always seem to be learning something new about once every few weeks.

Lastly, Conklederp and I will be attending the RePLAY orchestral video game concert up here in Portland in a few days so as I may have said (see paragraph #3), there may be an article at the same time.


P.S.  And then there's the whole Elder Scrolls Online going free later in the month and becoming Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.  And I thought I read somewhere that the game is not considered canon?  I may need to look into that.


  1. You had me at Smarch. Hehehe. Treehouse of Horror VI, from the Golden Age of the Simpsons.

    That said, the Simpsonwiki you linked to is slightly inaccurate. It says that the Springfield Elementary calendars were misprinted to include a month called 'Smarch.' But that isn't quite right. The reason for Smarch was as follows:

    The episode starts with Grandpa Simpson telling a Halloween story. He says it's the thirteenth year, the thirteenth day, the thirteenth month. The joke at this point is that Grandpa is getting carried away with the number thirteen, missing the fact that there is no thirteenth month. Except - cut to the next scene, and lo and behold, there is a thirteenth month! It's called Smarch. Homer even acknowledges it for it's lousy weather. So the joke is not on Grandpa, it's on us, the viewers, because we thought we knew better, but we were wrong.
    God, I loved the Simpsons. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Also - that's great that you found an old Quest and that it fits your current quality standards *and* you get to do some editing!

    Editing is oh so important, but sometimes hard to do. It's great when it comes naturally.

  3. Also: Hurray for Video Game Orchestrals!

  4. I admit that I only gave the Simspons wiki article a cursory glance, but I remember it being from one of the Tree House of Horror episodes; good to know that it was from VI.

    And while the story itself is still well composed, the writing of some of the descriptions and dialogue was a bit cringe worthy, but that's what rewrites are for.