Monday, December 15, 2014

Webcomic Post: Homestuck

I tried to post about Homestuck over a year ago, but I couldn't narrow down my thoughts.  This bulleted list helps. 

Oh, it starts innocently enough...

Things you should know about Homestuck:

  • Homestuck is not a video game, it is a webcomic, but it will be a video game soon!  
  • Homestuck is hilarious and features a great number of jokes about data structures in the first Act
  • It also makes lots of jokes about video games.
  • The story is very long and vast and absurdly complex.  More so than any rpg I've played except maybe Xenogears
  • Homestuck has really great cinema scenes
  • It also has a really good soundtrack
  • Homestuck is free to read and all the music is free to listen to.  
  • Homestuck is mega-popular with the next generation* 
  • Homestuck has a devoted and loyal fanbase and huge catalog of fan art
  • Homestuck might just be the Ulysses of the Internet
  • My favorite characters are Jade, Dave and Karkat and Terezi
  • I took my font choice from Homestuck
  • Prior to Homestuck, MS Paint Adventures produced Problem Sleuth, which is also hilarious, imaginative and epic.  But less overblown and more lighthearted. (and not nearly as long) 
  • Homestuck has recently begun updating again after a year-long pause.  It should be finished by the end of next year.  

Basically, Homestuck is everything the best jRPGs are, but it's not actually a video game.  I recommend it to everyone who likes jRPGs and has a few dozen hours to waste reading it.  Once you get in, it's really tough to put down, even though it will make you sick sometimes when it meanders around for aeons.  Have fun!


*there are some who would call them... Tim?  or 'millenials,' --actually, I prefer Tim, I'm going to call that generation Tim from now on

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