Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Merry Monthly Update: December 2014


I think things of note in the past month are all the many fun links I discovered by using google + and joining all these indie game, game map and game design groups.   I will be assembling a collection of said links in a post coming soon to an internet near you.

Another thing is that I started playing Chrono Trigger again.  Been a long time for that one.  So far, so good, it's a nice way to get my 16bit jRPG fix.  I think I might actually like the game more this time around than I did when I first played it.  I think it's a lack of competition - back then I was always playing like three jRPGs.

A third thing is I read a Michael Moorecock book: The Sword of the Dawn.  Very interesting, vaguely familiar and completely pulpy fantasy novel from the 60s.  It’s a far-future dystopia situation, following a sword-fighting German hero named Hawkmoon.  It takes place on earth, but bears little resemblance to our world.  There’s magic, and technology, and the names of current countries are vaguely based on present-day countries.  It’s fun sometimes to figure out what they are.  Amerikh – America.  Granbreten – Great Britain.  Asiacommunista – china.  It was a fun book, light reading with plenty of swashbuckling and a dash of gruesomeness.

In December, if everything goes according to plan,  I’m going to stop by the comic shop and buy another book in the series.   I'm also going to play Chrono Trigger and Magic the Gathering - queue of unplayed Steam games be damned!  And I guess I’ll see my family or something.  


P.S.  I also picked up the novel Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut.  So far, it's very Kurt Vonnegut, which is a good thing.  


  1. What platform are you playing Chrono Trigger on? PC emulator? Did I get your SNES copy back to you? The DS or the PS1 port? Trivial question I know, just curious.

    I've only read two Kurt Vonnegut books ("Slaughterhouse Five" for a class in college and "Cat's Cradle" upon Conklederp's recommendation) so I'm not really sure what his style is, but it's one that I would definitely like to read more of.

  2. Hah! I'm so glad you asked about this stuff, because check this out: Within the first twenty pages of "Sirens of Titan" it's revealed that there will be a particular character of note: A boy name Chrono!

    Can you believe it? I am very happy with this cool coincidence!

    I'm playing Chrono Trigger on PC emulator - SNES 9X. I don't have my original game :( I'm... not sure where it is... or any of that stuff I gave up during the dark times of giving up things. I prefer not to talk about it. Similar to our mass allergic reaction to tribbles.