Wednesday, December 17, 2014

MIDI Week Singles - "Dance of Thorns" - Homestuck (webcomic)

"Battle 2" from Homestuck, Webcomic (2011)
Publisher: MS Paint Adventures
Composer: Joren "Tensei" de Bruin

Continuing the "Fight Theme" kick I've been on lately, here's one from Homestuck's 'Strife' collection. As I've mentioned before , Homestuck isn't actually a video game, but it contains many video game influences, one of which is battle music!  Five tracks of such are in the 'Strife!' collection, my favorite of which is the above theme.  

While this theme perhaps runs a little long, and maybe tries to do too much, I'm a real sucker for synth violin in a heavy rock/metal setting (with a guest appearance by a harpsichord).  I'm accustomed to this sort of genre blending from video game music, and I think Joren 'Tensei' de Bruin does a good job.  


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