Friday, December 5, 2014

Pak Watch: Non-traditional, traditional effects.

Lumino city 

I stumbled onto an article at the verge, about a new game called Lumino city by British developer State of Play. I was immediately taken with the visual design.  On their own, these images and videos are beautiful.  I am very curious as to how this game will feel and play.  The State of Play website pitches the companies products as 'Lovingly crafted games and animations.'  Isn't that sweet?

Lumino city was pitched as using 'paper instead of polygons,' Each setpiece was painstakingly crafted and designed.  Many of the sets are much bigger than they appear, as shown in some behind the scenes images in the verge article.   I'm a big fan of traditional effects, though in this case, these effects are not traditional to video games.

Lumino city is now available on Steam.  


Another game I stumbled upon, this time from a Gamasutra article by Talha Kaya.  Similarly to Lumino city above, this game's visuals are constructed entirely from traditional effects.  In this case, watercolors are the chosen medium.  Beeswing is a smaller production, put together entirely by Jack King-Spooner.  

King-Spooner has a track record of strange and artful games.  He comes across as slightly odd, but has an earnest desire to create art, and to use video games as an expressive medium.  I respect this goal and am even more interested to play Beeswing as a result.  Beeswing was fully funded in a kickstarter, but is not yet available to play.  


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