Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pak Watch: Tribute

I got these really great looking screenshots from my old friend JPBruneau on his tumbler.  This is a game from developer Tribute Games that I can't find any information of apart from the screenshots.  I'd think it was just pixel art if the caption didn't say that they were spending time 'coding this game.'  
I really like the backgrounds, lots of cool layering.  And if you follow the link to more screenshots, take note of the spider repelling down a web, ala Zelda II.  The company website has more info.  This is the company that produced Wizorb, and another game called mercenary kings that I haven't played. 

This is another compelling game I found in an article from the Verge.    This game has animated cinemas in a cartoon style, kids on bikes, 1980s California.  Someone called this game:  'stand by me meets far cry 4.'   I'm not sure about the second half of that statement, but love the first!   I wonder if the Goonies wouldn't have been a more apt comparison.

I definitely have a sweet spot for the 'merry band of adventurer kids' genre.  In video games, Chrono Trigger is a great example, and of course Earthbound.  Strangely enough, this game is being produced by a Spanish Developer called Fourattic (because it is four guys in an attic)  And yet it is a nostalgia game about California in the 1980s.  I don't know how this game will play, but I really like the art and the concept. 

There are only 3 days left on their kickstarter, though they have reached their initial goal. I'm certainly intrigued by this game, and I encourage everyone to give these kids money for that time machine they're building.   

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