Wednesday, November 5, 2014

MIDI Week Singles: "All I Need Is 30 Deaths" - F-Zero X (N64)

"All I Need Is 30 Deaths" from F-Zero X on the Nintendo 64 (1998)
Record Label: Pony Canon (PCCG-00459)
Composers: Taro Bando & Hajime Wakai
Game Developer: Nintendo EAD

Now, anyone familiar with the F-Zero franchise will probably be wondering why I chose such a random song from such a large catalogue of recognizable music.  Simply put, until last week, my brain had misinformed me about the origins of this particular song.

Up until last week, I was convinced that the melody from this track (starting at 0:22) was from Faceball 2000.  How sure was I about this apparent fact?  I would have put money on it.  I have been so sure that this song was used in Faceball 2000 that since the first time I heard it, probably back in 1999 that I absolutely knew that this song was in that SNES game from 1992.

That is, until last week when I went looking for it.  

Can you blame me though?  Listen to that odd little bit of melody that lasts a mere 10 seconds.  Now go back to last weeks MWS and tell me that this melody would not have worked perfectly in Faceball 2000.  I am just a bit sad that this has not been the case.

Nevertheless, I find this to be a pretty catchy little ditty that lasts 10 seconds amidst rising driving chord progressions (pun not intended).  And despite this song being an original composition and not based off of a weird and quirky soundtrack from 11 years prior, I still like it.

Running In Circles

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  1. Wow, they really do match up well. I almost hear this as a 'boss fight' for Faceball 2000, or another incarnation of it.