Monday, November 3, 2014

Monthly Update: November 2014

Happy November!  It's both Movember and NaNoWriMo, both activities that I think would be interesting, but I never remember until a few days into November and then I tell myself, "Ah, maybe next year."

So Evolve's Big Alpha weekend happened this last weekend, and all the excitement about that experience I will post about on Friday as there's simply too much to post in a monthly update article.  So onto other things!

Conklederp and I received the board game Pandemic from Coolman and his coollady because we got married (how cool is that!), but I already talked about that part.  Recently though, Conklederp and I got a chance to play that game and ho-boy was it fun.  Well, about as fun as potentially letting the world fall into a cesspool of disease and dead bodies can be.  

After watching the Table Top episode from Season 1 that covered Pandemic, we gave the game a try, although later realizing that I didn't shuffle the Player deck correctly, but that's what first playthroughs are for anyway.  What both Conklederp and I love about this game is that all the players are working together against the board.  If one person wins, everyone wins, but there is only one way for the players to win: finding cures to all four diseases.  There are, however, three ways for the board to win: running out of Infection Tokens, maxing out the Outbreak meter and/or running out of Player Cards.  In our most recent playthrough, while we did find cures to all four diseases, the world was pretty ravaged by disease, but at least they're curable now.  To date, we have a 66% success rate with this game, but even losing is "fun."

I also opened a shop on to sell/showcase cross stitch patterns I've designed over the years.  It's called ExorStitch.  You know, like The Exorcist and cross stitch.  It was Conklederps idea and I love it.  So head on over if you or someone you know is into cross stitching and likes to make semi-unconventional patterns for people you like/don't like.  It'll be a hoot.

In the video game department, I finally got around to finishing the Dead Space mobile game, which will earn it's own article later in the month.  But in short, it was a fun game that did things to the player that I haven't seen since Eternal Darkness, and I was happy.

The rest of the month is looking to be not too different from October, except instead of witches and zombies there will be pilgrims and poultry corpses along with native peoples that end up slaughtered by the millions.  You know, maybe I'll finally give Sid Meier's Civilization V a go.  I did give the game a start earlier in the year (or was it late last year?), but I think I started a set scenario as opposed to a new game so I left panicking that I would leave the world decimated and without hope.  You know, like losing a game in Pandemic.

In the newer games department, I haven't played Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth although I love the concept.  I haven't played Shadow of Mordor although I have only been hearing good things about this Skyrim meets Assassin's Creed creation.  I haven't played Destiny as I don't have the appropriate console.  I haven't played The Evil Within because it's new and expensive, but I do have the demo and I'm looking forward to playing that on a dark and stormy night.  So you know, Portland.  I also haven't played Borderlands, the Pre-Sequel since I haven't played any of the games in that series and I feel that I should at least have played the first Borderlands.  I could probably now start in on Bioshock: Infinite now that I've finished the first two games in the series.

You know, some people out there in the gaming community might call my lack of playing anything released within the last year as being lame (if that insult is even used in the gaming community), but I won't be listening to them anyway, because I like cheese.


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