Wednesday, November 26, 2014

MIDI Week Singles: "Crayon Dreams" - Crayon Physics Deluxe (PC)

If you're looking for a little piece of ambient piano music with a ever-so-slightly wispy vocal/oboe-esque part going on in the background.  This is that piece.

"Crayon Dreams" from Crayon Physics Deluxe on PC.
Composed by: Stian Stark
Game Developer: Kloonigames

What I love about this track, is how peaceful everything in the song is, yet I still feel compelled to do something with that peacefulness.  "Why am I just lying here?  I should be doing something!  I know!  I'll get that ball over to the exit by drawing lines with different colored crayons!!"  But, then the negative part of my brain kicks in and begins to tell me that this music is too peaceful and that some bad is about to happen.  That is how I feel about Stian Stark's "Crayon Dreams."

Try to think of this as a nice quiet, lull before the storm tomorrow known as "Thanksgiving," or if you prefer, "Slapsgiving" before you all go and murder each other tomorrow morning trying to get that TV for an extra 7 1/2 % off from the regular sale prices.

But that would be too negative of a way to end this MWS post. So, if you happened to like this composition by Stian Stark, go ahead and check out some of his other compositions on his own page.  

See you a few days later and a few pounds (or x 0.45359 kilograms for all you crazy Canucks or Habs) later.


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