Wednesday, March 11, 2015

MIDI Week Singles: 'Speeder Level' - Battletoads (NES)

"Speeder Stage" from Battletoads on the Nintendo Entertainment System (1991)
Composer: David Wise
Record Label: unknown
Game Developer: Rare


Battletoads: a blatant TMNT ripoff that was still a lot of fun.  Arguably it's the better game.  It does feature some catchy tunes, and none more so than the Speeder Bike theme from the third level.  This level is infamous for its difficulty, and for many gamers, the fun stopped here.  But despite it's incredible difficulty, the speeder stage was a ton of fun.  And who doesn't love a good, upbeat racing theme, perfectly crafted for endless looping?

It is worth Noting that this track was composed by David Wise, previously featured here for his work on Donkey Kong Country 2, another game from developer: Rare.

1 comment:

  1. God damn this level.

    I never noticed before that the song repeats at 24 seconds, then continues on with a new melody bit around the 48 second mark when you think that it's going to repeat again. Only after the song plays for an additional 30 seconds (~1m20). Maybe the differing sections were written to mess with the players as they go through the level?

    I think I typically die consistently around the 40 second mark, and after watching a video, I know for certain that I've never made it to the one minute mark.

    It is a fun game though with a pretty good early David Wise soundtrack.