Friday, January 2, 2015

Pak Watch: Undertale (PC)


So, this one time, I was thinking about the subject of violence in video games.  Right, right, it's an old debate that typically goes nowhere.  I wasn't thinking about censorship, but I was thinking about content.  For example:  RPGs.  In most RPG games, much of the action consists of finding animals or monsters, killing them, and looting their corpses.  It's highly unrealistic, as snakes and rats don't typically keep gold on them, but this is where disbelief is suspended.  Still, I wondered to myself if it were possible to make an RPG where you didn't kill everything.

Lo and behold!  Toby Fox has gone and done just that.  Undertale is a low-fi indie RPG game, with the tagline 'A traditional role playing game where nobody has to get hurt.'  In this game, you have the option to spare the lives of the enemies.  I haven't played it yet, so I'm not sure how the mechanic plays, but I'm very curious.  

Undertale has been successfully funded via kickstarter, and is currently available as a demo.  Also, it appears that the game is downright adorable.  If you are prepared for some serious cuteness, I suggest watching the video below.  You won't be disappointed.  

You can find updates on Toby's progress with Undertale at  Also, the soundtrack to the demo is available for purchase or to listen online.  And of course, you can download the demo here.


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