Wednesday, August 27, 2014

MIDI Week Singles: Woodman - Mega Man 2 (NES)

Today's track is brought to us, originally from the musical minds of Japanese composers Takashi Tateishi and Minami Matsumae, but today is brought to us from Floridians, The NESkimos.  

"Woodman" from Mega Man 2.  Nintendo Entertainment System - 1988.
Music composed by Takashi Tateishi & Minami Matsumae

"Woodman" is one of my favorite tracks from Mega Man 2 and the cover that The NESkimos do is a fantastic rendition.  The NESkimos tend to not do straight covers of the music when compared to other video game cover bands such as The Advantage, but often remain true to the original vision of the song.  I love how this cover starts out with the band playing the boss select music followed by the drum intro straight from the 8-bit cartridge then seamlessly goes into the band playing the music from Woodman's stage.  This song translates perfectly, not only into a metal rendition, but also as a listenable song outside of its video game context.  I also love the slow down section (musical knowledge is failing) before repeating the melody for a last time.

In a few weeks I'll be doing a more in depth look at The NESkimos as well as other groups who have done metal covers of video game soundtracks, but in the meantime, feel free to give a listen to what The NESkimos have on file over on their music page.


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