Friday, May 30, 2014

Product Review: Geekify Inc.

I recently purchased two products from the good people at Geekify Inc. whom are based over in one of the quadrants of Colorado.  I cannot remember how I first spotted them, be it in an add over in the facebook margin or from Reddit or someone who retweeted something about the company or someone I follow on facebook.  The point is they were founded out.

The people over at Geekify Inc. make products based off of, mainly books from various sources such as Beetlejuice, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, MystThe Neverending Story and Skyrim.  There are a lot more sources that they pull from, but then I would be simply listing nearly everything in their catalogue. 

I initially sent the company a request for a custom job to make an iPad cover for Conklederp for her birthday.  I loved the book covers that they currently had on hand from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but Conklederp's character, Magicia, focused more on destructive magic and that option was not available.  I sent the company an message to their Esty account asking for a quote on making the Destruction Spell Book.

Three days later, Mr. John Taylor at Geekify Inc. let me know that in fact they had just put up the destruction spell book in their catalogue.  A day later I went ahead and ordered the iPad cover and patiently waited for its arrival.

The only pseud0-complaint that I have is that it took roughly a month to receive the cover from the time I placed my order.  Both their Etsy page and official webpage say that it can take "7-10 business days to craft and ship," but once I received the cover and was able to hold it in my hands, I knew that the longer processing/creating/shipping/receiving time was well worth the wait.

The cover is made from what feels like a 2mm thick piece of wood covered with faux-leather.  The circles around the border are white paint.  The Destruction Magick emblem is layered wood, brown on white and solidly glued on the cover.  The inside consists of a thick cardboard-type material (I am only guessing) covered with black micro suede on both the front and back covers as well as the spine.  The iPad is held in place by four 1" thick elastic bands, one crossing each of the corners.  Presently, Conkelderps main critique is that the upper right strap would cover up the volume buttons and mute switch, so she leaves that strap off.  The three remaining straps however are securely holding the iPad in place with no slippage or fear of coming loose.

Impressed with the quality of their work with this gadget cover, I knew that I wanted to buy one for my Kindle.  I first checked their Etsy store, but then decided to see if their non-Etsy webpage held any additional offerings.  They do not.  But, their prices on their page run $4-10 cheaper due to Etsy's operating costs.  Plus by ordering from Geekify's page, you have additional options such as name engraving, quote engraving, magnetic cover clasp or a strap for the spine, all for a separate additional cost.  

Ultimately I went with The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy cover for the Kindle Paperwhite.
As with Conklederp's cover, mine took about a month from the date I ordered to the date the package arrived.  

The Hitchhikers Guide is wood covered with faux-leather.  The inside is that hard cardboard-type material covered with a deep red micro-suede.  The "blocks" on the cover and back are additional pieces of wood to give them an industrial appearance.  I could easily have seen bolts or screws in each of the four corners, but it looks equally great without them.  The cover thumb and lettering are all paper with each of the red letters being glued on top of the the yellow letter backing, making the "THE" about a quarter of an inch tall and impressively cut.  The Kindle fits very well with the elastic straps (these being about 1cm wide) and do not cover either the usb charging port at the base or the on/off button right next to the port.

When I placed my order, I asked if I could have The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy text read from the top of the spine to base as opposed to how it looks on their page.  Since 99% of my books and DVDs all have the text reading from top to bottom, I knew that having the text go the other way would bother me, so I put in the request.  Request was fulfilled and at no additional cost.

When I received the cover, I did notice that the upper left corner of the "P" in "DON'T PANIC" was starting to peel back, maybe about a millimeter or two, but enough that I knew if something was not done, the whole word would eventually peel off.  I contacted Geekify the same day and within an hour received a reply from Mr. Taylor as to how to fix the peeling "P."  "A dab of superglue will keep it sticking forever," and it currently is and aside from the very slight crease that I put in the corner of the "P" moving it back to make sure the glue reached back far enough, you would not be able to tell.

Geekify also makes other products such as pendants/necklaces based off of the Imperial symbol from The Elder Scrolls, a wall poster based off of Portal, something I do not recognize from Starcraft or you can do as I thought I was doing an request a quote for a custom order.  They also can do laser cutting and custom 3D printing if you happen to be looking for company that does that sort of thing.  They come across as good people who make a great looking product so give them a look the next time you are looking for something "geeky" that is handmade and that you cannot find on

Like The Daybreak In Spring

P.S.  And a very big thank you goes to Heidi at Geekify who made both my Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy cover and Conklederps Destruction Magicka Spell Book.

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  1. Hey, cool review on a new company. I really like the Skyrim Emblem, because it makes me think of a burning hand. I like the style, with the circles and lines ending in squiggly lines. Sufficiently abstract, yet conveying a clear meaning. *sips wine*

    Also, I think your cover choice for the Kindle is perfect because: