Saturday, May 31, 2014

One of these Monthly Update-type-things - June, 2014

Hello, how are you?  I feel like it's been so long since we've talked.

I'm not sure why, but I feel like I've been really busy lately.  Maybe it's my new Job, which is a big change from the six months of unemployment I had before.  I actually make less money now than I did then.  Also, I have a lot less time.  These days I've got two days off, and they're on separate days.  Actually, they're both on my usual posting days, but I haven't managed to post new blog material more than every other time.

Maybe it's the heat.  In the area of Northern California in which I am located, it gets pretty hot.  We've had a few 100+ degree days, and plenty of high 90s.  And I don't have air conditioning.  On days like that, I just feel like a hot, wet turd, and I don't accomplish much.  In between periods of not posting new material, I have been thinking of fun ideas.  Game design, specifically RPG design, is never too far from my thoughts.  And since I work in a world of plants, I tend to draw connections between biological systems and Video Game design.

But lately I haven't been playing any video games at all.  I think it's been two months since I played a Steam game.  I have every intention to change this, but I'm not sure when.  I have been reading a lot more, which makes me happy.  I grabbed some graphic novels and some sci fi, and it's been good.  And, frankly, I tend to merge most different media and storytelling methods into a big soup, and I think books are like video games are like movies are like theater. And so on.

Before I wanted to make video games, I wanted to write novels.  This blog has been one of the biggest-ever repositories of my writing.  I've also written in a journal regularly over the last couple years, and intermittently through my life.  But for some reason these last two months I've neglected said writing practice.  It is my intention to bring it back.  Writing is the simplest and most direct way to make something out of that swirling imagination soup I mentioned before.

Also, I'm going to watch Cosmos, as I've neglected to do that.


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  1. Cosmos, yes! I just started watching that show around the beginning of the month and it's been pretty awesome. It took me about an episode to get used to the "Ship of the Imagination" as I thought that people would then not take the show seriously or say that "since it's an imagination ship, that must mean that all of this show is imaginary and not real." Thankfully, I have yet to come across someone claiming that the show is BS because of said ship.