Friday, May 16, 2014

A Bit Of A Rant

I haven't ranted in a while.  I don't really "rant" all that often come to think of it.  Unless it's about Dinosaurs, or being told that Dinosaurs were created by the devil (Satan/Lucifer) to pull people away from the one true god (God/Yahweh), but today I feel a bit of a rant.

First off, what the hell is up with the headlines on every other video that people decide to put up on facebook.  I've done my fair share of posting videos or articles that I find interesting, but the recent trend (recent as far as I just started noticing anyway) is pretty annoying from the perspective of my blown up head or how my belief system will be changed by this one thing.

Just Thought It Was Water. When I Stepped Back, My Jaws Dropped! (
These 21 Pictures Are Not What You Think. They Will Blow Your Mind! (
 An Artist Reimagined Disney Princesses With Different Races And The Results Will Blow Your Mind! (
They Pulled Over And Started Playing For The Cows - I Can't Believe What Happened Next! ( originally titled "Jazz for Cows" on youtube)
5 Mind Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden In  Famous Publications (
The Groomsmen Surprise New Bride With An Epic Dance Set! (
You get the idea.  I understand that the point of these headlines is to invoke enough interest  for people to without giving away the punchline.  I can't believe I have to get angry about this shit!  Actually, I'm not angry, I just wanted to say that.  But I think I'm just more annoyed about seeing how often my mind is supposed be blown or if someone needs to pick up any one of five body parts that have fallen on the floor.  Really, jaws?  As in more than one?  And to be clear, it's not the people posting the videos and articles that I'm annoyed with, but the headlines being overly dramatic.

The second part of my rant, which is not related to the first rant, is actually topical to our reason for being out here in the Netlands.  Nintendo's 3DS.  Specifically the people who own a 3DS or even the 2DS for that matter.

Besides any one of the PAXs, where are you all located!?

Back in August of 2012, Conklederp and I saw "Weird Al" perform in Seattle and naturally I took my 3DS along just to see if anyone else had as well.  I streetpassed with four other people there.  Last month when Conklederp and I went to the Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds performance and when John Williams conducted the Portland Symphony, I again took my 3DS as I figured there would be at least one like minded person at either of these events.

Now granted, I don't go out a whole lot, but even the last few times I've gone out to the local arcade bar Ground Kontrol, nothing.  Do people just not have or play 3DS' anymore?  The last few times I've been out in public, for any number of reasons, I've seen kids with their parents playing games or watching video using either their own or their parent's phone.    

Is this where portable gaming is going?  This is probably a question for another post although it's not a new question.

I guess that's not really much of a rant either.  Maybe I'm just not capable of fulling ranting, especially while online.  I guess that's what you would expect coming from a person who is physically incapable of frowning.


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