Friday, May 9, 2014

Monthly Update: May 2014

First off, apologies on two fronts.  Front 1: I should have had my monthly update up over a week ago, back on the 2nd, which was my first post for this month.  Front 2: This post should have gone up (again) on Monday (5th), but I've been busy doing stuff that I'll get into once everything is finished.  Yes, I am being intentionally cryptic and no, there are no dead bodies.  Yet.

So what's going on in the gaming world?  I'm asking you because I don't rightly know.  Probably not something that I should be outrightly admitting as the Doctor and I strive to maintain a video game and related culture presence here in the interspaces.  But, if you are a frequent reader, you may have already come to that conclusion by now.  I know what it is that I've been playing recently (The Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy VII, Mirror's Edge, Bioshock 2, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box and Assassin's Creed), but with the exception of ESO, which I've previously talked about somewhat extensively so there is presently no need to cover that game again; at least not right now.

This month of May will probably look a lot like the previous month with the aforementioned games being played.  Oh yes, I was introduced a few weeks back to a couple of mobile phone games that will possibly have their own posts later in the month.

I've also been reading less than I usually do due to a change in work happenings.  I did purchase a Kindle Paperwhite early last month so I'llt put up a product review about that as well as the "perks" that come along with having an Amazon Prime account at the same time and I promise that I will do my best not to write a commercial.

I will also try to get up a couple of Game Score posts although I have yet to choose which games I want to highlight.  If you are one for music, the good people over at Extra Credits have begun doing a weekly segment highlighting a video game remixing musician.

That's really all I want to say right now and I should stop before the inevitable ramble starts to happen and pushes you, the reader, away from us.  So have a pleasant weekend and we will see you all in the coming days.

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