Monday, December 10, 2012

When Worlds Collide II: Awesome Collaborations for 2013

I'm one of those kinds of people that likes it when two things that I like, happen to separately like each other back.  And through that liking, have their own child instead of my imaginary brain child.  This has been happening since I first found out that J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis were friends and were part of/founded a literary group at Oxford called The Inklings.  This continued when I was about 11 and discovered that George Lucas and Steven Speilberg were friends, hence why I was seeing George Lucas on set while watching a documentary about Raiders of the Lost Ark.  It's these kinds of collaborations that make me happy.

One of the first games that I bought via Steam that wasn't part of a Humble Indie Bundle was Dear Esther.  I bought it because it looked beautiful.  Yes, I was judging a book by it's cover and let me tell you, it was god-damn-beautiful.  So Dear Esther was developed by a small company called thechineseroom, which is amusing as they're a British company.  So they made this game, which I didn't fully understand until about the time I finished it, which was after about two hours of playing, but that's beside the point.  The point is, is that it was beautiful and fun.

Moving onto Frictional Games (but not forgetting thechineseroom), they're the company that made both the Penumbra series and Amnesia ~The Dark Descent~.  I've already talked about both games previously here and here, so I won't need to go into either of those again.

NOW, Frictional Games is teaming up with thechineseroom to develop the indirect sequel to Amnesia called Amnesia ~A Machine for Pigs~.  Yes, the title is a bit obscure, other than being slightly obvious with the quote/reference during the beginning of the trailer but other than that, there are both living and dead pigs featured in both trailers for the game.  The point is, is that I've really liked both Amnesia and Dear Esther and this collaboration looks to be pretty amazing.

Okay, now jumping back to thechineseroom, they are in development of another game dealing with a genre that I've been a fan of for a very large portion of my life.  I don't really know when it was that I realized I liked the apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic genre, but it was definitely sometime in the early to mid 1990s, so in my early teenage years.  So thechineseroom's new game will be titled Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.  According to thechineseroom, the game will be in a similar vain to Dear Esther, in that it will be an open world exploration POV game.  

This is almost too much for my brain to handle

Be Careful Not To Slip On The Puddle

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  1. Hey, that *is* cool! I haven't played Amnesia, but I've read about it- here. And it seems like a pretty cool horror game, with it's own take on the genre. And then Dear Esther, which was very much a different sort of game, beautiful and ambitious, I'd say.
    What a nice feeling, to be excited about a new birth in the video game realm.