Monday, December 24, 2012

One Thing Leading To Another

I had an interesting experience the last two of the three nights and no, it doesn't end like that, whatever that is.  On Friday night, because I sooo extroverted, I started playing Dead Space, a game that I've wanted to play for quite some time, only recently purchased and having finished Penumbra: Overture, I wanted another horroresque game to start up, which is what I did.  I've only played the first 35 minutes, which means that shit just went downhill and Isaac is separated from his superiors.  So only 35 minutes into the game (really only 30 minutes as I spent about five tweaking the the video and control settings: always have to invert the y-axis!!) I began thinking about Doom 3Alien and Event Horizon.  

This thought wandering had nothing to do with the quality of the game and I wasn't losing interest, I was having a lot of fun, at least as much fun as one can have defending oneself with a space-nailgun against horrific looking creatures then stomping their limbs off.  I was thinking about other space horrors where I had experienced "fun" because I was having fun stomping the limbs off of (hopefully) dead creatures.  I also quickly thought that if I was ever offered a job on a interstellar mining vessel, I would turn that job down in a heartbeat!  Okay, I probably wouldn't.  It's space after all.  But yes, Event Horizon won out in the thinking process, so I turned off Dead Space and watched what I still feel is one of the best science fiction, space, horror movies around.  Yes, I know that Paul Anderson directed it, but I don't care.  It's an awesome movie that still gives me chills.  And it has Sam Fucking Neil in it.

The next night I decided to watch Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome because I'd never seen it (!?!?! I know right, considering my penchant for post-apocalyptic anything) and I wanted to get the disc back to Netflix, which I obviously have yet to do.  So within the first 20 minutes of Thunderdome, I began to feel that I wanted to play Fallout.  One of the characters even says "What's a little fallout, huh?"  The rest of the movie I was comparing what was going on in Thunderdome to the design and feel of the first Fallout game, which is the only one in that series that I've so far played.  I did not however start playing Fallout again after finishing the movie as it was around 3:30am.  

Instead I ended up putting on Skyrim as a conversation I'd had with Conklederp earlier provoked me to create a new character.  The character is a Khajiit, the feline (furry inspired??) race.  And yes, I created this Khajiit to be somewhat, visually based off of our cat, whose name in life as in game, is Joey Mjölnir Explosion.  So now, on this, the eve of Chirstmas, I present to you, the Internet, Joey Mjölnir Explosion in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Not Really a Crazy Cat Man

P.S.  Merry Christmas!

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