Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Weird Post at a Weird Hour

It's weird.  This blog, I mean.  But "weird" in the best sense of the word.  And on a quick side note, I can remember the instance when I learned how to spell the word "weird."  I was making a drawing that contained the planet Mars and I was painting it green (because we all know Martians are green), and I wanted to write "weird" next to the planet, although I don't remember why.  I was then told by my teacher that the planet Mars is really red and that weird wasn't spelled "W-I-E-R-D."

I mean it's weird in that it's taken on this entity form that I've told myself, needs to be fed every Monday and Friday.  There've been times when I've been late with my feedings, but this is a purely self imposed feeding schedule.  There's no one behind the curtain pulling strings or threatening to fail me in life if I don't write up a post on time.  This is the real world.

Yet, all the same, every Sunday and Thursday or Monday and Friday, I'll think, "Hey, I need to put up a post!"  Please don't miss-understand me, I don't feel like this blog has become a chore or something that I have to do.  I love doing it.  I love checking the stats and seeing who and how many people (or bots) have checked out something that either Dave or I have written.  It's a bit of a rush when I see that a person/bot from South Korea or Ireland has found our little corner or the internet; or that someone googled "Amnesia Logo" or "Nintendo Power Cover" and found us.

But the other day at work, I picked up a copy of the Oregonian and began reading an article about the recent happenings in Newtown, CT.  By the second paragraph, the writer was suggesting that violet video games were one of many catalysts for the recent wave of shootings.  I was enraged that this suggestion so easily came up.  While at work today, I decided that I was not going to write an article about how this made me feel followed by me being annoyed.  This isn't the time for that.

With that self declaration, I couldn't think of what to post about for Monday's article.  My video game playing has been pretty one sided recently.  That one side being The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and a bit of The World Ends With You.  I also logged onto Penny-Arcade because I know they post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and realized that I hadn't read anything from them in over a week.  I also have six and-a-half Rooster Teeth podcasts that I haven't listened to yet.  Also, I have a couple of friends, along with Conklederp, who've shown some legit interest in D&D, not just DD&D (Drunk Dungeons & Dragons), but I don't want to reveal anything there yet either, although I probably just did.

So the weird thing is, is that I don't have a legit gaming topic to cover today/tonight except to talk about how I don't have a topic, which I just did, so I decided to take the time to write about it, and assuming that you've made it this far, thank you for reading along with what Dr. Potts and I have to say.  And yes, I'm going to post this without proofing it (which I will normally do), because Jargaritas are awesome.

A Fresh Aire Christmas: Best_Christmas_Album_Ever!


  1. So, I realize that this was not the main topic of your post, but I want to link to a video by my favorite video game topical show. It's about why there are so many first person shooters in the US. No, it's not about what they "make people do" or whatever, it's about cultural differences between the US and Japan.


  2. Well, that didn't link as well as I wanted it to. I'll try again.


  3. Oh - and I totally love watching the stats too! It's so much fun! Thank you everyone for viewing and reading this blog. And thank you Jack for promoting it. I love watching the readership change, and if we've contributed anything to the video game conversation in your own lives, then I count that as a success.