Saturday, December 29, 2012

First Impressions: Settlers of Cataan

Last night I had my first real session of Settlers of Cattan.  Stayed up until 1 am playing it.  Haven't done that in ages.  Best game since Munchkin.  Similar strategy, actually - as the game progresses you build toward getting 10 levels.  And alliances are broken and reformed, everyone trying to prevent the inevitable winner from winning.  But sometimes like 3 people look like the impending winner.

But the game isn't quite as aggressive as Munchkin.  Less events occur over the course of one turn.  A lot of the game is spent waiting, and hoping and building up resources.  Stupidly fun, I highly recommend it.  Expensive though.  Expect to pay $45 for a set.  If you'd like to test drive this game, just come over to my place with at least one other friend and an evening to spend, and we can play a couple of times.

I'd like to get into the details of how the game is played, but I think it would be easier for all parties if I just let Will Wheaton do it.  Tabletop is the best source for board game reviews that I've seen.  

I will say that the setup phase of the game, which comes at the very beginning, is essential to the overall strategy.  Most people will lament the poor decisions they make during the setup, which will further drive their desire to play another game, and get a chance to have a better setup.  It's a lot of fun; I want to play, just writing about it.  -D

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