Friday, April 3, 2015

Monthly Update: April 2015

Whew!  Actually, I don't know why I said that.  I just finished writing another post for later in this fine month of April.  A few weeks of April are going to consist of long delayed articles about Dead Space that will span everything from before the Aegis VII incident and everything leading up to the events in Dead Space 2.  One of the articles has been sitting on the back burner since late 2013 even, but now I have found the right time to release everything.  Because nothing says April like Easter and Easter is when Jesus rose from the dead, like um, the necromorphs. . .because you know, Unitology is a religion. . . moving on.

Aside from this past week, I actually haven't been able to give a whole lot of time over to playing video games and with this current week coming to a close, 16 units of accounting schoolwork has started up again, so after the first couple of weeks, I will be going back to my sporadic posting schedule.

Conklederp and I did pick up another card game called Gloom, which was recommended to us from one of our friends.  We inadvertently bought the Unwelcome Guests expansion before first acquiring the stand alone game, so now we have more cards than we know what to do with for a game that neither of us have played, but it's a game that can be played with two to five people so I'm sure that Conklederp and I will give it a go before inviting others to join in.

Sadly, Dungeons & Dragons has yet to happen again due to scheduling mishaps, but this is something that tends to happen when you are trying to schedule between six people.  Maybe I should start killing off PCs?  An offering has been sent out so hopefully they will take the bait and by bait I mean invitation.

Lastly, Conklederp and I finally finished in setting up (mostly) our office / retro video game room.  I am still having issues with the SNES as it will display tinted color bars that scroll down the screen indefinitely.  Originally I thought it was due to a 1990 console to a 2011 HD TV, but I still get the color bars on an older tube TV.  The N64 and Game Cube run fine though.  The only N64 game giving me trouble is F-Zero X, which will automatically reset anywhere from three seconds to about two minutes in.  I'll have to look into that.  The point though, is hopefully I'll be putting out some more posts in the coming months looking back at the last 20 years of Nintendo video gaming.

We'll see you later in the month.

Like Anything Was Possible


  1. I've had some trouble with my Nintendo 64, in that some games simply won't play. These are games that played at one time, but I just can't seem to get them going.

    I'm troubled to hear about your SNES. That machine is such a hardy little soldier, I hope it's not finally showing its age!

  2. And wait a sec - 16 units? That's a lot of units!