Wednesday, April 29, 2015

MIDI Week Singles - "Cosmo Canyon" - Final Fantasy VII (PS1)

"Cosmo Canyon" from Final Fantasy VII (PS1).
Composed by: Nobuo Uematsu
Final Fantasy VII original Soundtrack
Publisher:  DigiCube and SquarEnix

Today I took some joy in humming the Cosmo Canyon theme all day at work.  Cosmo Canyon was the first song from Final Fantasy VII that really got me excited.  Jaconian and I have both talked about our conflicted relationships with Final Fantasy VII, and one of the points of conflict was once the soundtrack.  In my first playthrough, I didn't find the music interesting.  I may have been biased, because Square had chosen to leave Nintendo.  I'm confident this is the case because when I imagine FFVII coming out on a Nintendo console, I am pleased at the thought.  Anyhow, despite this bias, when I got to Cosmo Canyon, I really dug the theme.

I love the whole tone of the song.  The banjo line repeating in the background, and the rotation of the bass.  It's really nice, steady groove.  And then the whistle melody comes in, and it's just so damned catchy.  And cool.  The song builds and gets pretty dramatic while never losing that cool groove.  Like the desert at twilight.  No, really, that's what this song makes me think of, the coolness of the shade in a hot, dry climate.  I love this song, and it sounds even better in my mind.


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