Monday, October 6, 2014

Packing Strategies for the Modern Gamer

I hope you didn't click this post hoping to find a list of smart and effective approaches to packing, with special attention to the subgroup sometimes known as the  'modern gamer.'  Because all this post is going to contain is my musings about packing.  Because I am faced with a game-related packing dilemma, and I thought I'd work it out on LIVE TV... I mean, on the internet.  On this blog.  Right now.  It's live as I'm typing it anyway!  Jaconian, I imagine you have thoughts on this subject, and I'm pretty sure you've shared them in the past.  Also, he is indirectly responsible for this dilemma as the trip I am packing for is his WEDDING  TO CONKLEDERP!  Hooray!!!

I have three portable gaming devices that get regular use.  In order of frequency of use, and in reverse order of portability, there is my laptop, my Nintendo DS and my cell phone.  I intend to bring all three.  However, for many games, my laptop requires* a funny, irregularly shaped device known as a game pad.  This is what is giving me pause.  Somehow, packing the game pad seems to push it all over the edge.  Maybe it's just because it doesn't fit nicely into anything, with its funny handle grips sticking out and power cable projecting from its midsection.  Anolog sticks catching on everything as it bounces around inside my backpack.  I just shouldn't bring it.

Yet, I find it hard letting go of my primary gaming device (laptop + controller).  Afterall, isn't it awesome that I can bring my primary gaming device with me on a four-day trip?  I think it's pretty great.   And it's pretty great that the same device is what I use for all of my computing and internet surfing.  Oh, the laptop is coming with me, there's no doubt about it.  But perhaps it comes with reduced gaming capacity, ie: without the controller.

Yes, I know this to be the right decision, but I am just really compelled to hem and to haw about it.  What I should do is use this as an opportunity to play some games that don't require a controller.  To play DS games, or some classic games on my DS emulator.  Maybe one of those Android games I bought in a Humble Bundle, but never play.  It turns out Mc Pixel is pretty fun!  God forbid - I could even read a book!

Okay, thank you for taking this time to skim this really dumb post from me.  Potts MD.


*I say that the games require a controller because I really don't like using the keyboard for platformers.


  1. I too brought along my DS, laptop and phone foregoing the gaming controller. Although I do not use the controller for as many games as does the good Dr. apparently. I figured that any games that I would use the controller for could wait a couple weeks for me to come back to them.

  2. You know, I was just thinking: If nintendo released a DS that was also a cell phone... I might buy that. Assuming the design was good. A cell phone with a dpad and some buttons, that's all I'm asking.