Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Broken Controller leads to Symptoms of Game Withdrawal

This is really just a 'post-let' as I just hopped on to show you that neat picture and to complain that I broke my USB controller and now I can't play Starseed Pilgrim and it's driving me nuts!  (like the proverbial pirate with a steering wheel stuck down his pants).  I had such a nice, 30-minutes a day, groove with that game. 

While I loved my logitec-brand, generic gamepad, its cord sure broke easily, right at the point where it meets the controller.  I will be paying the extra ten bucks and getting a cordless one this time, for sure.  I'm thinking just a ps3 controller at this point, unless there's a better option out there.  

Is there a better option out there, hmmm?


11/22/2014 update:  I bought a ps3 controller.  That was a mistake - not easy to connect to my PC.  I do not recommend.


  1. I really love the wired Xbox 360 controller which doesn't require any additional software to, at least, run on Windows. I think I've had it for just over a year now, maybe more and have had no issues with it. I'm also not a fan of cordless controllers, which is still a holdover from the days of cordless controllers requiring non-rechargeable batteries.

    The controller is also reasonably priced, considering the cost of console and pc controllers these days.

  2. Modern cordless controllers charge with a USB cable - it's great! They're basically controllers with detachable cords. It's finally a real thing and not a tease like the early ones were.

  3. So... I ended up picking up a ps3 controller, and it was a mistake. Granted, my first mistake was not properly researching before picking up a ps3 controller. If I had, I would have seen that it is *really* annoying to make it connect to the PC. Plug and play, this is not.
    So, ps3 controller goes back, and logitec comes in. I'll stick with logitec.