Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Zelda Classic Quest Roundup

Since I don't have anything to say right now that doesn't involve Zelda Classic, I thought I'd give a brief rundown on each quest I've played so far.  All of these quests can be found at Purezc.net

Tale of St. Christoph by Moosh

A fun little quest with good design, and a tough difficulty spike.  This was the first quest I played and it was a good introduction into Zelda Classic and what sorts of things you can do with it.  Not too flashy, though each boss was custom made (and very silly).  Five dungeons, nice length.  

Somewhere In Between by Russ

This was a creative quest, story driven and different.  The game focuses on a duality, leading the player back and forth between two worlds, collecting items and abilities.  Kudos to this game for including both the Zelda III style 'slash' sword strike, and the ability to shoot your sword a la Zelda I.  Another short quest, the final boss is really cool.  The game has a nice visual design, using Zelda III tileset.

The Darknut Within by Moosh

This is a ridiculous and fun quest wherein every single tile is a Darknut.  All enemies and items, even landscape pieces.  And it works.  It'll make you cross eyed at times, but I loved it.  There's something really fun about working to determine what a given item or enemy is without having the visual cue.

I Hate Mayonnaise by Rambly

This is a fun little quest with bright colors, quality screen design, mild difficulty and a good sense of humor.  This might be an even better introduction into Zelda Classic.  I immediately downloaded the sequel because I had such a good time with this one.  The title is meaningless.

Engage to Zeldawock by Moosh

Just finished, it was awesome.  My new favorite quest.  You play as Zelda.  Contains so many modifications that it isn't really a Legend of Zelda game anymore.  At least not formally.  It is short, just how I like them, four dungeons, no overworld.  There are multiple endings.  I've only gotten one and it was a pretty sweet ending!

Depressive Donuts:  I hate Mayonnaise 2  by Rambly

In Progress.  Looks like more of the same, in a good way.


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