Monday, March 17, 2014

Special Headline About That Game That Everyone Cares About

So apparently there's this game that either is coming out, is already out, or maybe it's in beta; or maybe it just finished beta as is released, in which case see the second point above.

It's a game that's getting a lot of talk on some of the gaming sites that I visit.  My opinion about it is one that may end up driving away some of our demographic, but I have no interest in the game for one main reason: mechs.

I've never been a fan of mechs of any kind and I can't readily explain why.  First off, let me clarify.  I've never been a fan of humanoid mechs.  Transformers, and GoBots are their own entities and not directly controlled humans when in their humanoid/battle phase.  I never was into Robotech despite being five years old when it came out and already loving Transformers and Voltron. . . although I guess Voltron are considered mechs, but only humanoid when in their assembled phase.  But, they're not *humanoid* mechs, I think is where the distinction is for me.  Pacific Rim though is I feel a bit of an anomaly, party because I liked it, partly because Guillermo del Toro directed it and lastly because I don't feel that it took itself too seriously.

Basically, the point I'm trying to make, is that Titanfall holds no interest for me.  I agree that the game looks very pretty, and that the premise can be appealing, but that's about as much thought as I am willing to give the game.  Even the free-to-play pseudo-looking clone Hawken, no interest.

Don't get me wrong though.  I don't think the game looks "like a piece of shit" or that it will be/is a terrible game.  That it has bad mechanics or no storyline or that the character development is a step below that of My Little Pony.  It could have the greatest science fiction story of the last 50 years, but because a lot/most of the gameplay/story? revolves around mechs, for whatever reason, I just am not interested.

I guess I didn't need to dedicate an entire post/day to say that I have no interest in a single game, as that would be like also saying that I have no interest in any of the Madden or NCAA football games.  I'm also not interested in the Call of Duty or Modern Warfare series of games.  I guess I'm just not a conventional FPS war buff.  Didn't Starcraft have mechs?  Maybe that's why I didn't get into that game?  Actually, the real reason why I didn't get into Starcraft  was because I thought a lot of the buildings looked very similar and I didn't want to go through the mental anguish that Warcraft I & II (IIx) put me through, albeit a sort of fun and entertaining mental anguish (more on mental anguish on Friday).

That's really all I've got to say.  So, if you're a fan of Titanfall, which is a high possibility that you are, please don't hate me too much for not being at all interested in a game that you yourself might love.  While we do not agree on everything, let's just maintain our mutual love of video games.

Happy Saint Paddy's Day.

I Know Always That I Am An Outsider.

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