Saturday, March 15, 2014

Zelda Classic Follow-up: Darknut Edition

Zelda classic has eaten my brain.  It's all I do.  Sometimes I forget to feed myself.  When I wake up in the morning, I'm thinking of screen design, and when I ride my bike, I'm thinking of screen design.  It's actually a whole lot of work, though, and it's not all screen design.  That's just the easy and immediately rewarding part.  Working out the bugs, and installing secrets is a ton of work, but completely necessary for an interesting Zelda quest.  

In addition to designing quests, I'm trying to play other custom quests, to get design ideas and general ideas about what's out there.  So far, I've played through the Tale of Christoph, by Moosh, Somewhere Between, by Russ and I'm halfway through Hear to Darknut by Moosh.  

'Tale of St. Christoph' was a great introduction into Zelda Classic.  Using a variation on the original Zelda tileset, it has an interesting overworld, five dungeons, lots of goofy humor and some pretty cool modified enemies.  It also has an insane difficulty spike, and some pretty obnoxiously tough rooms.  Darknuts and Blue Wizzrobes and more Darknuts and more Blue Wizzrobes.  Still, it was a pretty cool quest.  Took me three days and forty lives, and I didn't beat the final boss.  I wrote a review and posted it on the purezc database, but I think I may reverse that trend, and post reviews here, with little blurbs at PureZC.

'Somewhere in Between' was a cool little plot-based quest, using a Zelda III tileset.  Only two dungeons on this one, it played with a different sort of design, with some cool results.  I got stuck on a couple puzzles, and I ran into another Darknut problem, but other than that, I thought it was a great quest.  Two days and twenty five lives.  

Yes, this is what it looks like
Now I'm playing 'The Darknut Within' by Moosh.  Yes, this appears to be a theme for some of the designers over at purezc, and this game is the ultimate tribute to Darknut.  Every enemy, every piece of landscape, every item and every character is a Darknut.  It's awesome, it's hilarious.  It's awful.  I'm halfway through, but I'm having a great time.  The mere fact that this game, while a bit headache inducing, is even possible - this is an achievement.    

In other news, Got through the tutorial up to Chapter 3.  Shout out to Alpha Dawg for being the originator of the tutorial.  Also to Armageddon Games for building Zelda Classic in the first place!


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