Saturday, January 4, 2014

Things I Say When Playing Skyrim (That Would Sound Batshit Insane If I Said Them in Real Life)

Hi everyone! The elusive Conklederp here. I haven't been blogging, mostly because I really haven't done much in terms of gaming aside from watch Jaconian play his stuff...and he pretty much has you guys covered there. But today, after an unhealthy amount of hours spent playing Skyrim, I got to thinking. How insane does this stuff sound in a real-world context? I mean seriously. Take a look.

  • "I just knocked that bad guy's head off with my mace!"
  • "A beehive? Sure, I'll eat that."
  • "Apparently I'm a cannibal now."
  • "That bear gave me a disease."
  • "Eh, I'll just send my follower to kill that guy."
  • "I'm not allowed back in that town unless I pay my $10,000 bounty."
  • "I sleep on average once a week."
  • "Hm, she's not home. I'll just stand outside her house for 11 hours until she comes back."
  • "Man, it sucks that I can only carry 600 lbs worth of stuff."
  • "Ah shit, not another dragon!"
Happy new year, everyone! If you need me, I'll be out there fighting dragons and clearing caves of frost spiders :)

Pictured : an actual conversation 

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  1. LOL!

    I'm bummed out I can only carry 600lbs worth of stuff. Am I just supposed to let these beehives and bear medicine go to waste?