Monday, January 13, 2014

Always Seems To Be A Work In Progress

Just to forewarn y'all, the post for today is going to ramble a bit.  And by ramble, I mean that from the overarching fact that I'm rambling, there isn't much coherency.

You know, I don't have a whole lot to go into today.  I mean, there are a handful (maybe multiple hands) of games that I'm playing, some because I've been meaning to play and others because I'm deep into that post-Steam-sale zone of GAMES ARE EVERYWHERE!?  It's also a Monday (my work-Friday), it's nice outside (nice for Portland anyway) and parenthese seem to be taking over (which isn't all that odd if you look back through some of the posts I've put up).

I've got some irons in the fire, some of those irons have somehow turned into styrofoam (whatever that means), while others are just gathering steam (pun not intended) and wondering when the damn train is going to be built.  I also finished reading (again) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and The Hogfather (again) within the last month and am nearly finished with Jingo, so I have British satirists running around in my head telling me that I'm doing it all wrong and don't sound anything like them.

I could start talking about late 19th century and early 20th century weird, horror, science fiction authors, two of which who are both not H.P. Lovecraft, but I feel they would warrant their own post without all this nonsensical nonsense that has been happening for the last 217 words that have occurred before the number 217.

Now that I think about it, I may just have too many irons in the fire (I was going to Wiki-link to the "irons in the fire" bit, but the Wiki page for that is just too silly).  I have (at least) two games I'm playing on my 3DS, one on the PSP, 10 or so games on Steam that I'm in the middle of and a couple that I play on my phone every-so-often.  Not to mention (except that I am) a stack of board games that haven't been played in Idon'tknowhowlong and a card game that has yet to be played because Idon'tknow.

Part of me knows better than to post drivel if I don't have anything to say, especially on these self-imposed deadlines, but that's just the way I am.  If I falter one day, I feel that I'll begin the habit of doing it on a consistent basis.

With that being said, I would now like to end the writings of today with a picture of the outcome from my first foray into the DayZ alpha:

I guess we all could use a little work.

Working On The Highway

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