Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Proteus Link Dump

As mentioned in my year in review post, 2013 was a year for non-games.  The biggest standout of which, for me, was Proteus.  And I think it came out in 2012, but, whatever.  This post is long overdue, but I have these interesting links all ready, I just have to dress them up.  This was one of my favorite games of 2013, so I think it's worth a revisit.  

Getting Lost in Proteus: An Interview with Ed Key
This nice interview with Ed Key includes pictures from his childhood backyard.  He focuses on the idea of wandering and getting lost when talking about Proteus.  He also mentions scrambling up mountains in Skyrim and getting lost at sundown in Minecraft.  He is searching, in video games, for the sublime experience of a majestic landscape.
Embedded in the interview are links to other articles about Proteus, if you are interested.  I know I am.  

Proteus: A Trio of Artisinal Game Reviews
Alright, if you somehow still are willing or interested in more info for Proteus, here is a link to a neat article by Ian Bogost, comparing three different reviews of the game.  This is heady, advanced stuff, much better than anything I can turn out.  
I like reviews 1 and 3 the most, even though I think the topic for 2 is the most immediately appealing, I don't particularly care for his take on it.

Ed Key has a lot of interesting postings in the news section of the Proteus website.  I've selected a couple of interesting ones for you here, but I encourage you to check it out if you are interested.  

Ed Key: What Are Games
Ed's response to the 'not-game' controversy.  Important to perhaps try to avoid the controversy as it's a bit of a whirlpool.

Ed Key: Seven Day Roguelike Challenge
On the news area of proteus, there is a link to a seven day roguelike challenge game by Ed Key.  The idea is that your forage in a forest and try to stay alive.  I like the idea.  Check it out.

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