Saturday, January 4, 2014

Swatting the Invisible Flies - Mario Paint and Internet Browsing

Sometimes when I browse the Internet, it feels  very much like that mini-game on Mario Paint where you swat the flies.  I usually bounce between my usual websites, email, facebook, chess games. And I usually don't finish one task before moving on to another, so before I know it I have several tabs open, and I'm bouncing between them,  quickly becoming overwhelmed.  Then I rush around to complete the tasks, ie: read the email or ignore it, delete the junk from my mailbox, type the status update, like the post, look at the pretty pictures.  And then there are longer tasks, like reading an article, or watching a five minute video.  Often I don't get to these, it all depends on the arbitrary, invisible time limit I place on myself, which is proportional to how much caffeine I have had in a day, or how badly I want to ignore something else in my life.  Opening and closing tabs, clicking my unread emails and liking things on facebook, my internet browsing becomes no more than swatting flies.

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  1. That's a good analogy! Sometimes on my iPad I feel like I'm playing whackamole with the apps. /1stworldproblem