Monday, September 2, 2013

Monthly Update: September 2013

Welp, PAX Prime has once again graced the Pacific Northwest with it's presence (and is currently in an unprecedented Day IV).  The Labor Day weekend for me however was spent at work, so much so that I'm going back today.  I was going to hit up Safeway on my way home too, but now remembering that a lot businesses celebrate holidays and might be closed or have modified work hours.  Not us!  We're Amur'can!

Self loathing aside and back to happy times.  Like a game D'Octorpotts got me called Papo & Yo.  Which is a really spiffy game.  I saw it on Steam for quite a while, but for whatever reason had never looked into it.  Then I played it.  It's a somewhat uplifting game with pretty dark undertones of alcoholism and child/spousal abuse.  

Right, happier things.  

As some may have predicted, the re-Kickstarter campaign for Shadow of the Eternals failed to reach their $750,000 goal.  However, the game was greenlit as part of Steam's Greenlight indie gaming place/thing, which is good news.  This doesn't seem like the game is going to be shelved and the company will implode, so there's still hope, even if it is just a fools hope.  Thanks Gandalf.

In similar news, fellow [ENFORCER] Jupiter of Earth (aka Jupiter) is working for/with Sword & Spirit Software to make a game that looks/sounds a lot like a mix between Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.  The game is called Shades of Sanity and they started their own Kickstarter back in mid August and it will run until Friday September 27th, 2013.  Their target goal is $200,000 and they're currently 5% of the way there.  Here's to hoping, and better hoping than Shadow of the Eternals.

I have not a whole lot else to report in the wide world of video games.  I did recently find out that The Elder Scrolls Online will adopt the apparently poisonous pay model for their game.  The first month will be free followed by a $15/month fee after you purchase the game for around $50-60.  That's pretty much what I expected.  I'm still on the fence if I want to delve into this monster.

Infinite Space is continuing to be played, despite an obvious error in programing by Nude Maker and Platinum Games where celestial objects observed and discovered in other games affects if you discover them on your current game (even if you delete all game files by saving over them, which is the only way to delete saved files).  DKC Returns hasn't been played in a number of weeks because Infinite Space is just too engaging.  Torchlight is still being delved into.  Ace Combat Assault Horizon hasn't been played in over a month because of annoying/aggressive/bastardly vicious Ruskies that just won't die (ie let themselves be shot down) in the later half of a long level.  Plants vs Zombies 2 is seeing a resurgence in both gameplay and the number of popups to buy stuff.

So that's where I am currently at.

Oh, and the book Letters of a Woman Homesteader is doing a great job of reminding me that I'm not as much of a wilderness bad-ass as I would like to be.


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  1. I'm glad you played Papo y Yo - I picked it out because it was supposed to be kind of dark. But, ironically, I can't seem to play it myself! It keeps having errors and not starting. :P