Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Nother round of flash games

So, after playing 'I wish I were the moon'  on Kongregate, I got linked to a couple of other interesting games.  One of which I had played a couple years ago, and thought was pretty cool.  That was back before this blog, and really, just when I was getting back into games.  I hadn't really heard of indie games yet, most of my gaming was done over at my friend Zor The Red's house, where we would pair up to play games like Pixel Junk Monsters or God of War II.

Somewhere, during that time, I got into flash games.  I noticed that some of these games had a definite 'artistic' bent, which worked well for the short-form of flash games.  I played some very interesting games on Kongregate, including Looming, The Majesty of Colors, I can Hold my Breath Forever.  When I started using Steam a lot more, and purchasing the Humble Bundles,  I left Kongregate behind.

Well, I'm glad I went back to Kongregate, because now I found a game called 'hero story' by Terry Cavanagh, of VVVVVV and Hexagon fame.   This game is short - very short, but does not disappoint.  In fact, this game addresses a gaming convention that I've been wanting to see challenged for a long time. There's really something to be said for these short-run games and the ability to do one small thing effectively.  I still nurture ambitions of making games of my own, and I find these Flash games inspiring to that goal.

I should also mention that all the games on Kongregate are Free.  I've linked below to some of my favorites; I haven't posted any descriptions, but recommend you have a look at them.  Each of these games presents a strong atmosphere, despite being short-run and simple.


by Terry Cavenaugh

Heroes Adventure


by Gregory Weir

The Majesty of Colors


by Racter

I can hold my breath forever

by Daniel Ben

Today I die

I wish I were the Moon


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