Saturday, September 21, 2013

Emulator Hour preview: Resident Evil 2

Okay, so, I decided I had to play Resident Evil 2 again.  I guess it was when I was midway through watching 'night of the creeps' that I came to this conclusion.  Well, my playstation is only a memory now, drifting somewhere out in the world, so I decided to turn to the world of emulation.  With a bit of work, I've gotten it working, and I'm going to play Resident Evil 2.

But I haven't actually started yet.  I think I'm going to play as Claire, since the other time I played RE 2 I played as Leon.  I got to the end of the game, too, but I had six handgun bullets and a knife.  Suffice it to say, I didn't win.

The game is super-sweet though.  RE 2 was the first game in the series I played.  I missed RE 1, but I did play the game cube revision.  Because it was the first, I'll always have special affection for RE 2.  Something about a zombie infested police station that is a nice spin on the zombie infested theme.  Sort of like how Dawn of the Dead takes place in a shopping mall.  Actually, come to think of it, Dawn of the Dead might be my favorite Zombie movie.  Either one, take your pick.

In terms of it being a sequel, I'm not sure that RE2 really upgrades the game play in any significant way.  But in this case I don't really mind, again, because it was the first one I played.  Also, the gameplay of Resident Evil was so unprecedented, I was thrilled to have more than one.  It wasn't until RE3 that i started to think things were waning a bit.  Really those first three games are like clones of one another.  Awesome, terrifying clones.

I'll spare everyone and not talk about RE4 and beyond.  Even if it was the triumphant return of Leon.  Alright, well, this is sort of a non-post, but I'm excited to play Resident Evil 2!  Woot!


This is just some examples of the dramatic camera angles from this game.  10 to 1 some fucking crows appeared on the way out of this room, and scared the bejeezus out of me even though I knew they were coming


  1. If by crows you mean a licker, then yeah, bejeezuses will be a flowing.

    I actually remember you reaching the end of the game with your precious six rounds of ammo and trusty knife.

    If you never played "Code: Veronica X," I recommend giving that game a try. the big difference in that game was that while you still didn't have control of the camera, the camera followed a track, kind of like it did in "Eternal Darkness."

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  2. You remember! Hooray! I never did try Code Veronica, X or otherwise, but I remember I was curious. Wasn't that one on the Dreamcast or something? I'll ask google.

  3. If I remember correctly (without visiting the Wikiverse), Code Veronica came out on PS1 (or early PS2) and Code Veronica X, "X" being the special edition although I don't remember how/why came out initially just on the Dreamcast. Code: Veronica X was later re-released on Gamecube, which is how/why I've played it.

    I thought it was a fun game and enjoyed it, probably more than RE3. I felt there was less action and more Umbrella backstory and conspiracy going on.

  4. Yes, I remember seeing a preview for Code Veronica X and the whole thing was narrated by Weskir. And I remember thinking 'hey, maybe now we'll get some answers!' And I was pretty excited about this because the other games just sort of tease it out.

    Though, I have to say, I still really love finding the diaries, journals and other written correspondence. They're usually written in a way that I never get bored.