Monday, September 9, 2013

Today's Talking Points Brought To You By Fox News Corp., the Letters Ѭ, þ and the number 四

Sorry for the lack of post this last Friday.  

Around 12:30am Friday morning, I thought I had heard the sound of water droplets.  About an hour later, this was happening:
Conklederp and I have had something like this happen before just under a year ago.  In that case we talked to our upstairs neighbors, found out that the problem was on their side thereby affecting our ceilings.  The issue was taken care of and our ceiling was repaired and repainted.  The problem was solved relatively easily.

Jump now to early last Friday morning.  Conklederp and I were considering going to sleep after I had finished putzing around on the interwebs.  That's when the first drops were heard.  Soon after I noticed the counters were wet and that droplets were forming on the ceiling in various places, including around the lighting installations.

We went upstairs to talk to the neighbors, thinking that a similar situation could be easily cleared up, despite the fact that it was now 2:30am and the dripping had not stopped.  To make a long story immediately shorter, 15 gallons of water later, the above photo progressed to this:
Disclaimer: That woman on the left is one of our upstairs neighbors, not Conklederp.
And presently, nearly four days later, we are still at this:
Needless to say my mind has not been in a very video game reviewing-type mood, but I have been getting some game time in, mainly with Infinite Space (still, I know) and a PC game called Symphony (which I've already put four hours into) that will be getting it's own First Impressions later in the week.  Who knows, I might just put something up on Wednesday to make up for the lack of a post on Friday and the overall lack of video games in todays post.

I also just powered through vol. 6 of The Walking Dead and we just started in on Season 3 of the TV series (we don't have cable).  I also picked up the Dead Space comic compilation which I'll get to after I finish Dead Space: Catalyst, which I'll get to once I finish Feet of Clay.

That's where we're at.  Sorry to bog y'all with our problems, but hey, what else is the internet for, besides porn I mean?



  1. This is awful! So how did this happen? make them move you to another apartment. you need grandpa simpson.

  2. This was all caused by a pipe that pseudo-burst near the 4th rectangle/opening nearest to the smoke detector.

    As for being relocated to another room, the unit's we're in are all individually owned overseen by an Home Owners Association. Since we're not really sure whom the leaky pipe belonged to (above neighbors turned off their water and it still leaked), all we can really do/say is that it isn't our fault and we won't have to pay for it.

    It's basically just loud white noise, and will be for at least another 24 hours.