Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Problems I Have With Worms

I feel like I start half of my posts off with "I've been playing [insert game name here] a lot recently."  And while I haven't been playing Worms: Revolution consistently, I do pick it up on occasion if I have 15-20 minutes to kill, which has totalled up to just over eight hours.  And let me tell you, the computer is too damn good for it's own good.

I've previously talked about my paranoia when playing games against computer controlled characters, and the computer AI in Worms: Revolution is no exception.  In fact, every recent iteration of Worms I've played, the computer controlled worms always seem to have great to just above average accuracy.  I can understand the computer having remotely high accuracy in the later levels, but on the level II-VI of W:R, there are a couple of enemy worms that are a pain in my annelid anus.

One of the funnest parts of Worms, especially when playing with other human players, is seeing how missed shots land.  Knowing that your overshot rocket could be retaliated with an airstrike that also accidentally hits their own worms, that's hilarity and part of what makes Worms a great game/series.  The computer's accuracy takes a bit of that away.

Let's just take a look:
 As you can see, the enemy worm aims with a hand grenade, selecting the perfect angle and power at which to launch said grenade.
 The grenade hits the wall with a timer count of 4 remaining.
The attacking worm, after their throw, retreated back behind the bottle.  That's coordination.
With the perfect bounce, it lands next to my worm with 2 seconds left and I snapped this picture right before the grenade goes off.

Perfect throw!

Here is another sequence of a well aimed arked shot by the enemy:
 It's that same damn worm again!  Five minutes later in the game and I was actually doing better than expected.  This shot though was the beginning of the end for me, although half of my downfall was my own doing.
Granted the enemy's shot was a little high, but the explosion still caused significant damage to my worm, launching him into the air and piling him with the other two to the right (76 & 61).  In the end, enemy worm (36) ended up down by mine (103) and he threw a perfect grenade through the the tunnel above and to the left, hitting two of my worms who were still gathered there.

I would like to point out, that the enemy worm (15) pretty much killed himself by shooting out sections of the map and flooding himself.

Am I complaining?  You bet!  But, only after I have to play a level more than three times and each game takes about 15-20 minutes that usually comes down to me making a stupid mistake and blowing myself up.  Or, by being killed by one of my own worms when they blow themselves up because they took more damage than they had hit points.

And apologies for not having this ready for yesterdays readers.  Life/work kind of got in the way and I ran out of time.  I know, excuses.

Someday, Life Will Be Fairer

$155,723/day needed to fund!?  That's possible right!? 

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  1. My problem with Worms: Armageddon is that I can't play it. It's too graphically intensive, if you can believe that. Even turning everything down as far as I can get it, I still get a framerate of about 5fps. Unplayable.

    But, I am investigating a new computer. And maybe I can try this out on my crappy Mac Laptop, which may be better than my crappy desktop video card.

    The most frustrating part is that I really love Worms games. And getting a gift just makes things that much more exciting. And reading this post makes me want to play Worms!