Saturday, May 11, 2013

Miscellaneous Links

I've been collecting links for a while now, and they're piling up.  I'm going to run through a few of them, so that you, dear reader, may benefit from the delights they contain.

Featured Game: Jumpman
This is a site of a creative fellow with lots of projects.  The most immediately interesting being jumpman (a free game for download, see the video above).  It is my intention to go back and check out his other projects.  

Game-creator resources:
The big list of game making tools.  self explanatory.  One of the best things this page has is links to examples of games made with each featured game making tool.  Some I've played or heard of before, and others look cool.
Another self-explanatory link along the same theme.
DIY gamer.  Great website, I may have linked to it before, but it bears repeating.  This stuff is truly DIY, from stuff that you or I could put out, to other things that take serious work and talent.  I guess I'm mostly trying to convince myself to hunker down and make a game.  I guess.  

Free Flash Games:
Excitement.  Neat Atari arcade style game.  very simple, nice graphics.  The controls are pretty loose.  With some tightening, this could be a really addictive game.  plays in-browser.
Var and the Vikings. A game where the whole purpose is to program character AI.  Start with teaching them to move forward.  Then to jump, then to do both.  If this sounds interesting, give the demo a look.  Plays like a puzzle game.  plays in-browser.
Modern shooter.  A wild west shooting game that has entirely keyboard inputs.  This game is a rush-job, but it is worth a taste.  Plays in-browser.

Gaming Editorials:
Article listing the top 20 hard video games.  Lots of old games here, you might see some favorites.  The purpose of the article is to examine game design choices through the difficulty of these games.
The brainy gamer is my new favorite video game journalist.  Here he uses a bread metaphor to talk about the idea of the 'mother dough' as applied for video games.  Example:  Donkey Kong laid the groundwork for basically the whole platforming genre.  Wolfenstein 3d - the FPS.  But what did these games take from even earlier games?
Indie games weblog does top 10 indie games of 2012.  A bunch of them are paid games, but I should take a look at the free ones.
Guys at zeboyd games discuss genre classification for RPGs.  I like this subject.  Some of the comments are good too.
Indie Games Magazine.  This is a nice little site.  I actually discovered it when I was searching through the Google Play Store on my phone, looking for indie game information.  This is the only publication that came up.  So, while there is a website, I primarily browse Indie Games Magazine on my phone.  I enjoy being able to disappear into the world of game journalism while away from home.  Which reminds me...

Rambling, why doesn't this guy shut up?
Surely by now, you've heard that Valve is releasing a home console called the Piston, or Steam Box.  Which is all fine and dandy, even downright neat.  I encourage others to get into the console world, shake up those console wars a bit.  Ouya is another neat new console-thing that is happening. (both are designed as tiny cubes- huh.    Anyhow, I realized the other day that what I really want is to be able to play my steam games while on the go.  Away from my home PC.  

I don't even own a TV, so console systems all come with the price of a TV attached to them.  I may get one some time, but for the time being, my PC serves as my all-in-one machine.  Except when I'm on the go.  Then my crappy Android phone or my outdated Nintendo DS have to suffice.  I would like a powerful portable gaming PC.  Is this possible?  No, I don't want a laptop, I want something to compete against the 3DS and PSP.   Hell, I would buy one of those systems if you told me I could access my steam library on it.  I've heard nothing to this effect, but then again, I am generally out of touch.  Moving on. 

Oh, wait, I'm done?  Yep, all done.  Enjoy the links :)


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