Sunday, May 19, 2013


Hello there, welcome to blogland, let me take your coat.  Before we begin, I want to mention a funny quirk of the google blogging software that I discovered yesterday.  It seems that Blogger has its own 'undo' button.  And it seems that the memory of this undo button extends beyond an individual blogging session.  

Let me explain:  I came to this conclusion yesterday when I was editing a post for publishing.  As I was typing and arranging the post, I decided to try something different, and proceeded to press ctrl+z a few times to go back to an earlier stage in editing.  I watched as bits of writing appeared and disappeared, backtracking through my edits, when suddenly, *poof*  ...  the entire posting disappeared.  Startled, I checked the menus to see if 'redo' was an option (I don't know the hotkeys for that one).  I didn't see a 'redo' and so, I closed the post, hoping that I hadn't saved the changes.   Sadly, no, the changes had been saved, and I now had a blank posting.  

In my frustration, I searched for answers, wondering how this could have happened.  I noticed that the post editor has its own 'undo' and 'redo' buttons.  Odd... then I realized that I had composed the bulk of this post in Notepad while on lunch break at work the previous day.  Of course, I hadn't saved it, the posting was safely copied into blogger.  Or so I thought.  I concluded that I had actually 'undone' the initial copy/paste of my writing, which I had performed more than 24 hours earlier.  Suffice it to say, this experience, combined with the delicious chili dog digesting in my stomach, robbed me of any further motivation to post something yesterday. 

A few hours of Twin Peaks and a good nights rest later, and I think I'm ready to say something about video games again.  But I just really felt like I had to share this with y'all.


P.S.  I intend to do some experimentation with blogger to see if my initial conclusions are true.  In the meantime:  BEWARE the Blogger Undo Button!!

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